Friday, October 26, 2012

Grindin for My State

So football season has been great so far this year. I am so proud of my Dawgs and can't wait to see them play #1 Alabama tomorrow. We Believe!!! 8-0

Monday, October 1, 2012


I just got 2 new fabulous lipsticks for the fall/winter. Jennifer at Sephora was fabulous!! The first one is Rhone by Bite Beauty.... I love it! It's a perfect berry shade. The second one is Rouge In Love by Lancôme. It's absolutely perfect for everyday !

Friday, September 28, 2012

We're having a baby!

That’s right….. My sister is going to be giving birth to our sweet Meri Claire. Ha. I am so excited to be an aunt again. Marlie was the first real love of my life. She is so funny and such a little DIVA. My mom says watching her is like going back in time and watching me. That may be why we get along so fabulously. Even if I never get a girl of my own I know I will get to have fun with my 2 sweet nieces. So new baby Kelley’s name is Meridith Claire Kelley and she will be called Meri Claire, How cute is that? On September 16 we had a wonderful baby shower for her. Kelly got some great things for Meri and Marlie got a few things herself. It will be so exciting to have another little baby. Also, Meri is due right around my birthday and I have my fingers crossed that we will be BDAY BUDDIES!!! My sister was born on my Uncle Donnie’s birthday so it’s kind of a thing ha. I have to wonder that since Marlie is just like me, who will Meri be like. It will be interesting to see… I know Kelly won’t be able to handle 2 of me! I know that Marlie will be a great big sis, here is a note that I have written to her about the importance of being a big sister.

Dear Marlie,
You will never know how much joy you have brought into all of our lives. You are truly a walking ray of sunshine. I know you are excited about your new baby sister and I know you will do a great job at teaching her things and loving her. It is so important to be a good example to Meri as she grows up, I would know since I was your mommy’s big sister. You should teach her to be kind, giving, sharing, loving, and sweet. I know at times she will get on your nerves and you will fight, but trust me she WILL grow up one day to be your best friend and the person (besides your mommy) that you will talk to and call for help. She is going to watch your every move and soak it all in. You can probably go ahead and bet your bottom dollar that she will be nothing like you and that a lot of times your personalities will clash, but that’s ok. You well help each other balance out. If you ever need any big sister advice you know I am always here for you. You were the first baby that ever stole my heart and you will always have a special place there. I love you so very much.
Love, KK

I leave you with some pictures from sweet Meri’s Baby shower.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Here comes the bride...

So I haven’t even told ya’ll that my great frand Katelin is marrying my other frand Trent. Words cannot describe how excited and happy I am for these two sweet people. The wedding is like 1 week from SATURDAY!!!!!!! I have to back track here because I haven’t been a great blogger. To celebrate so far a few of us girlies went to the beach to celebrate and “Raise Hell before the Wedding Bells!” I had the best time with these amazing ladies. I got to know a FABULOUS lady, Sarah. She kept me laughing the whole time…. HELLUR!! I could go on and on about some funny things between us, one funny story is Sarah and I shared a bed together in the amazing condo that KK Toler and sweet family let us use and the first night we got in bed and scooted to our separate sides. Well, a few hours later Katelin comes and gets in the bed with us, right in the middle. Katelin apparently was quite the snuggler with Sarah and she thought the whole night it was me…. Hahaha she said she was like gah this girl is friendly. On our trip we dressed up like rednecks, charted our own boat and the bride to be was our captain (I was really proud of how she did it all by herself and we only got pulled over by the water police once), had a fabulous dinner and laughed A LOT. So glad I got to go on this GREAT lady’s bach trip. Another celebration was a MARVELOUS engagement party for the love birds. Everything turned out so great, the food, décor, cake, and singer Bob. Love you Katelin and Trent and wish you a lifetime of happiness.

I don't always....

I don’t always watch American Idol but when I do…. It’s totally because of PHILLIP PHILLIPS!!! I can’t tell you the last time I felt like a smitten school girl, but every time he came on stage and sang my heart swooned. J Since one of the contestants Skylar was from Jackson, MS the American Idol Tour made it our way. My friend Beth, also a PP lover, and I debated going for a while and decided that maybe the tickets were just too much to justify going to see our man and that hopefully he would tour solo soon and we could catch that. The DAY of the concert I just felt left out reading everyone’s AI posts on fb and twitter so at about 4 I text her and we decided to go!!! Literally 3 minutes before I left work I purchased the tickets, called the hubs and filled him in and high tailed it to Jacktown. I must say that I am so so so so so happy that we went. I mean I went solely for Phillip but, EVERYONE was soo good. My favorite performance of the night (Besides Phillip) was Erica’s rendition of Pink’s glitter. I mean I got chills. Everyone else was great also, Heujun rapped, Hollie was adorable, Skylar got her country on, Colton was soulful, Joshua singing “This is a Man’s world”… jaw dropping & Phillip… I died. So glad we went Bethy!!

Fantastic Football!!

It’s here! It’s here! My favorite time of the year! I love football season. There is just something so amazing about a beautiful game day with friends and family especially the tent’s, food, fellowship and of course the GAME. We have made it to all of the home games so far. I am glad to say we have won, but so far we haven’t really played any great teams…. It still feels good to WIN though!! We joined a new tailgate this year with some of Jason’s fraternity brothers and their spouses. It has been really fun and I have enjoyed getting know these sweet people. Jack has loved going to the games. We did not take him to the first game vs. Jackson State, but he has made it to the rest. Auburn was a good game for him to go to because it was at 11, however last weekend’s game was not so much. It was at 6 and that equals a long day for a 2 year old. Bless his heart he PASSED out 3 minutes in to the first quarter. He snoozed until half time and then was happy to watch the remainder of the game. Can’t wait for more games to come!! I’ll leave you with some pictures and a big GO DAWGS!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

June Birchbox

I was so excited when I got my email that my June Birchbox had been sent, I honestly had. It realized it has been a month! It came in just in time for our vacation. This months box had a fabulous lip/cheek tint. It leaves the prettiest natural color on your cheeks and makes your pout look perfect! I will have to purchase! It also came with a fat smokey grey eyeliner. It's so creamy, would probably do a great smokey eye. Those are the two highlight items, it also had some lotion, bath soak and a peppermint chocolate granola bar. Can't wait for July's!!!